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What leads us to spiritual death

Pictorial DirectoryNovember 19th, 2013

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MLK-Spiritual-DeathHere are some good ones from Bill Cosby for Father’s Day. He is only sharing his thoughts in his book Fatherhood.

He insists that Mothers Day is a much bigger deal because Mothers are more organized. Mothers say to their children: Now here is a list of what I want. Go get the money from your father and you surprise me on Mothers Day. You do that for me.

For Father’s Day I give each of my five kids $20 so that they can go out and by me a present–a total of $100. They go to the store and buy two packages of underwear, each of which costs $5 and contains three shorts. They tear them open and each kid wraps up one pair, the sixth pair of underwear going to the Salvation Army. Therefore, on Father’s Day I am walking around with new underwear and my kid’s are walking around with $90 worth of my change in their pockets.

Happy Fathers’ Day to you all fathers. May God’s abundant blessings be upon you and may you become the respect of the world but more of your sons and daughters.

I have heard often and I have said it often to my little one’s, Father knows best. Haven’t you? That is what I want to talk about today.

There is a story of an old man who knew in his heart who and what is right. One day three men walked into the yard of an old man, who was reclining in his tent. As soon as he saw them he knew in his heart, these are special people. Father knew best as to treat these people with respect. The father got up from his recliner and greeted them with great honor and said, come into my home and let me wash your feet and bring you something to eat. And as they began their conversation, he knew intuitively the laughter in the heart of Sarah, his wife of several years, who was advanced in age and the three men who stood in his tent knew in their hearts as well that someone is laughing inside of her and they asked her, why do you laugh? This is what happened to Abraham and Sarah when the three angels showed up at their tent to give the good news about the birth of a child whom they called Isaac. There was some sort of intuition with which Abraham behaved and welcomed the three strange men into their homes, and recognized the laughter of his wife. This is the story of the man who carefully listened to the voice within him. He knew the difference between his voice and the voice of God when God spoke.

If a man does not listen to his inner heart that is constantly speaking, giving him the words of knowledge, to guide him through life he will act like King Ahab addicted to the advise of an evil queen, covets a poor man’s land and life. He acts like a child and talks like an immature person who is infested with greed for someone else’s land. Even though his heart said the right thing to him, “Naboth the Jezreelite is the rightful owner of his ancestral property” he shuts the inner voice down to throw a fit about what he did not get. He listens to the voice of all that distracts him and leads him astray and even to be an accomplice to murder and injustice. The inner voice we all hear is very important and powerful.

Once the inner voice is shut down, then we all can fall into the trap. Once we shut down the gifts of the Holy Spirit within us that enables us to listen to the voice that says, “turn to your right and turn to your left”, then gifts of wisdom and knowledge poured into us is shut down.

See what happens in the house of Simon where Jesus went to eat. As they were eating, a woman came and washes his feet and wipes it with her hair. She came to acknowledge the man who had spoken to her with kindness, without judging her and inspiring her to change her way of life. As she began washing anointing and in joy tearing up for her experience of freedom, Simon in his heart says, “hm… I wonder if this guy, supposedly holy knows anything about this woman. She is a sinner”. And Jesus reads the heart of Simon.

This ability to read the heart of someone is called the “gift of knowledge”, a gift of the Holy Spirit that is poured into each of us. This gift in us is what helps us to turn to the right or to the left when in need and met with difficult direction. This gift of the chosen people is what King Ahab shut down in his life that lead him to dreadful acts and his own dreadful death. As a result he becomes unjust, greedy, jealous, childish, blinded and murderous. His shutting down the voice that said, the possessions of the poor and God fearing, are the property of God. Covet not what does not belong to you.

This gift as activated is what Abraham uses in recognizing the visit of God to his household. This same gift is what Jesus uses at the washing of the feet to know the thoughts and feelings of the Simon so that he can challenge Simon to change his heart. This same gift well used is what Jesus puts to practice at the last supper.

In the story Jesus is referring to the experience of the Angels in the household of Abraham. He is referring to the experience of ancient men and women who experienced love and kindness of one another, because they listened to the voice of God and walked in the path God set before them.

So today’s invitation is to activate the voice of God within each of us. For God is speaking, and can be heard by all who wishes to hear God. Give a few minutes to God and listen. There will be a murmur that says, “Turn to your right this day and stop for a while tomorrow.” Do not be afraid I am in the boat with you, even though the ride is bumpy and the cloud and wind are scary. Listen to the inner voice and it will guide us.

Justice dies when we stop listening to the voice within.  Truth disappears when we shut down the gentle breeze inside of us. This was the failure of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. Let us never silence the murmur of the Spirit within us.

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