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Our Journey of faith

The Episcopal Journey of faith

To be an Episcopalian is to be a disciple of Christ. We believe that God came down from heaven and became incarnate through the Virgin Mary and was made man. That he came to dwell among man in the body of Jesus Christ, who was the Word, and the Way, the Truth and the Life.

After Jesus’ death and Resurrection his disciples found him to be still very much in their company and in their lives. They realized that the Word was still Alive as it is today and we, being followers of Christ, are still connected to God through the Resurrection and living Word.

Our continued relationship with God through Christ is foremost in our beliefs and taken very seriously, acknowledging God in our daily lives is the call of every Christian, to see Christ in the persons that we are with each day, as well as strangers that we meet.

We as Christians are called to be servants of the Living Christ, to respect the dignity of all persons, to respect the earth and all of Gods Creations, to strive towards peace and justice for all people. We are to go into the world as witnesses of the Risen Christ, letting others see Christ in us and our lives. As Christians we are to be a beacon of light for those who are lost in the darkness, or facing the trials and tribulations that life sometimes hands us. We offer the healing presence of God through our prayers and supplications.

We, in the Episcopal Church are individuals of a large family sometimes agreeing to disagree, yet respecting and loving each other all the while. We come together for fellowship, meeting at least once a week if not more, to worship, praise, ask forgiveness and be fed the spiritual food of God that carries us through our life’s Journey. Our faith grants us acceptance of the mysteries that only God knows the answers to.

The Episcopal church begins in the community and spreads to the Diocese, upward to the National level and then across the world, as we join in communion with All Anglican Communities World wide. We are the body of Christ working and worshiping together to bring the Word of God to All People. The Episcopal Church is a place for All People . Come and explore the richness of the liturgy, the beauty and mystery of the Eucharist, and the devotion of the faithful.

Where & When

Sunday Services: 8 &10.30am
Sunday Schools: 9.15am
Youth Group: 3.00pm
Wednesday Service: 6.30pm